We cannot deny that action is embedded in our hearts. This genre is filled with excitement. A sudden rush of adrenaline gushes in our body every time the protagonist clenches his fist and lands a tight punch on the opponent’s face. You love the blackened eye, the bloodied lips, the broken nose and the red liquid oozing out of the mouth.

The aforementioned visuals are a must in the best action movies. The protagonists in these movies have to deal with agonizing circumstances; emotions, too, surge up at the same time, making the situation worse. But it’s these circumstances that our heroes have to deal with. They take a vow and eradicate the suffering from the lives of their loves ones and of others.

Only after successfully completing their entire task will the protagonists be truly adorned with the title of a hero. Wait… did I miss the evil big boss they have to fight in the end? I think I just did!

Anyway, while discussing the action genre, one can’t miss mentioning the numerous sub-genres that action is a viral part of. Sub-genres such as spy, sci-fi, die-hard, action-comedy, martial arts, disaster and numerous others have evolved over the years. Each sub-genre has taken action to a different level, making it unique and awe-inspiring.  

A comprehensive action movies list will make it easier for you to choose among the plethora of films available to see. Watching these movies is the perfect way to vent out all the negative emotions. Even if you are happy, these films will not fail to keep you on the edge.

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