We all have a tendency to think extraordinary things for ourselves, something heroic and adventurous that would help break the monotony in our lives. The ‘adventure’ genre takes its audience on a trip to wonderland. Our favorite stars search for treasure or save a kingdom from demons and monsters at some exotic locations.

The plot elements of these films include treasure hunt, saving someone from the clutches of an evil villain and several others. The evil villain is the possessor with deadly powers. Apart from these elements, the lead character also fights to save his or her country (or kingdom) from foreign invasion.

Generally, adventure films are set in a historical background and the tales of the particular period become the basis of the movie. But they can be mere adaptations or tweaks of an ardent filmmaker. Best adventure movies are a beautiful blend of fantasy and reality.

Adventure films have numerous sub-genres such as disaster, swashbuckler, period and historical tales. This larger-than-life genre encompasses a wide range of action sequences and they are quite overwhelming.

If you look at the adventure movies list, you will find that a number of these movies fall in the category of sci-fi, war and fantasy genre. These extravagant films are best enjoyed with your loved ones and/or by getting a download.

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